Thursday, 10 May 2007

5 more sleeps until our big adventure starts

This post covers the stress of moving house on 4 May and doing endless jobs in preparation for the big adventure!

What a stressful few weeks it's been! Sarah and I have been busy selling stuff, packing stuff, giving stuff away and throwing stuff in bins... We moved out of her flat at Argyll Court last Friday 4 May, we finished work the same day and then moved our stuff over to her Mum's on the other side of Wolverhampton. The majority of our big items have very kindly been put in storage by her Nan Jean.

The last 6 days has been spent doing various jobs: buying oil, food, a gas alarm and various other bits and bobs for the motorhome; weighing the motorhome at a public weighbridge (3160kg! well underweight!); ringing solicitors and banks and other organisations to change addresses. We've also had to deal with someone fraudulently using my MasterCard to the tune of £3000! Oh the stress!

Slowly but surely everything is falling into place, we have our Euros, we have our Norwegian Krone, most importantly we have a supply of maple syrup and M&Ms on board our motorhome. Occasionally we are overcome with wild thoughts... what's Norwegian for Diesel? What if we hate travelling in our motorhome? If we have a fight will I leave Sarah at a remote truckstop outside Oslo? Who knows...

More to follow soon!


mmurray said...

Great to have this so that we can enviuosly follow your adventures - Thanks !
Also - the Norwegian for DIESEL is
dør, omkommer
Thanks to this website
Cheers Mervyn and Bridget

ray murray said...

Hello , looking forward to some adventure stories . Nice looking filly on your arm there mate

ray murray said...

Hello , Happy fishing in Norway , say hello to King Oscar for me laugh !

dwozz said...

Hi both, love the site.
Matt i have collected a few Norwegian saying for you to try out with the locals (no not Wolverhampton - Norway). See how many you can actually use.

En fugl i hånden er bedre enn ti på taket
"A bird in the hand is better than ten on the roof." Equivalent to "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

Å gå rundt grøten
"To walk around the porridge." Equivalent to "beating around the bush."

Å gå over bekken etter vann
"To cross the stream to get water." To do unnecessary work.

Å hvile på sine laurbær
"To rest on one's laurels."

Den skal tidlig krøkes, som god krok skal bli
"To become a good hook, you should be bent early."

Bedre føre var enn etter snar
"Better wary before, than quick after." Be prepared.

Den som er med på leken, må tåle steken
"If you're in the game, you must be able to take the heat". This is what kids in the playground say when another kid starts crying. If you joined the game, you should realise that you could get hurt. Equivalent to "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen".

Den som graver en grav for andre, faller ofte i den selv
"He who digs a grave for others, falls often in it himself."

Den som kommer først til mølla, får først malt
"He who comes first to the mill, grinds first." Equivalent to First come, first served.

Den som sover, synder ikke
"He who sleeps, does not sin."

Det går alltid et tog
"There is always a train." (Implicitly, another train.) Meaning, there are more chances than the one you just missed.

Ikke så galt at det ikke er godt for noe
"Not so bad that it isn't good for anything." Good, positive thinking.

Det er ikke gull alt som glimrer
"Not everyting that sparkles is gold"

Å skue hunden på hårene
"To see the dog by its hair." Equivalent to judging a book by its cover.

Eplet faller ikke langt fra stammen
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Usually refers to looking like your parents.

Gammel vane er vond å vende
"Old habit is hard to turn." Equivalent (obviously) to old habits die hard.

I mørket er alle katter grå
"In the dark, all cats are grey"

Å få noe i pose og sekk
"To get something in a bag and a sack." To get something both ways.

Å pisse i buksa for å holde varmen
"To piss in your trouser to keep warm." To do something that may help in the short run, but which is disastrous in the long run.

Morgenstund har gull i munn
"Morning hour has gold in its mouth." Equivalent to the early bird gets the worm.

Å kjøpe katta i sekken
"To buy the cat in the bag." Equivalent to buying a pig in a poke, i.e. to get less than you bargained for.

TonyM said...

You're finally off! Hurrah! Don't forget to sledge the Captain at regular intervals and keep in touch. Send us your piccies and have a great time.

Love Tony

Kate said...

Hi Sarah and Matt.

Glad to hear you survived the ferry crossing - I'm surprised Sarah wasn't chundering for the full journey! Do not, even in an emergency, let her eat pot noodles.

Looking forward to your next instalment.


mostert4 said...

Jesus Joe! I can't believe you are really going around Europe in a motorhome - love a duck! Hope Sarah is just sea sick (wink wink)! Harry is off to China Sat morning and will eat some lemon chicken and deep fried icecream in your honour. Have a great trip - talk soon xxxx Cat

AnitaA said...

Hi there you lucky things going off on your travels. Missing you already definitely!! Good luck, look forward to the next installment.

AnitaA said...

Dear Matt & Sarah,
Nan Vicky calling!! Seen your pictures sounds and looks great. Where next? Wish I was there, you're lucky to have each other- Matts brains and knowledge and your courage to go off and do it!! Good luck to ya. Love ya loads. Nan Vicky xx