Friday, 25 May 2007

Down the Bohuslan Coast to Gothenburg

This post covers our journey down the Bohuslan Coast to Gothenburg and the Swedish Mini-Golf Championship.

After our first night at Dafto Camping Ground we decided to stay another night. We had a jobs day to get the washing done and clean the inside of our motorhome. We then sat outside reading in the sunshine as the washing dried. Sarah's "doggy jamas" attracted quite a bit of interest from passers by! For the record, these are Sarah's warm PJs which she likes to wear that she's had for donkeys years! (Sarah's comment "I have no shame!") It got pretty windy after a while so we used tent pegs to hold down the clothes airer.

(By the way, it turns out this campsite wasn't quite as expensive as we thought, only £17 / night which is pretty reasonable considering the facilities!)

Above: MMM!!! Yoggi!!!
Below: Arrrrrrr!!!! Dafto Camping Ground

In the afternoon we decided to go for a walk along the water to town. After several hundred metres we realised it was high tide and we couldn't walk any further along the water, so we turned uphill into the forest. After 10 minutes we realised we were actually headed straight back towards the other entrance of the campsite! We had a great time playing in the pirate playground like a pair of kids. They had a huge bouncy castle / trampoline type of thing which was great fun!

The next day (May 24) we set off down the coast towards Gothenburg. We decided to go off the beaten track to check out the small village of Fiskebackskil. The GPS guided us off the motorway where we found a huge retail park. As we were a little light on food we decided to go in and stock up. The best part was buying a whole hot chicken with paprika for lunch and eating it in our motorhome whilst still in the car park. This was such a luxury after Norway as the meat was mega expensive!
In Sweden food is much more reasonably priced and the supermarkets are much bigger. Diesel is slightly cheaper than in Norway and much cheaper than in the UK at around 70p / litre!

Above: Windmill in Fiskebackskil
Below: Stay! Stayyyyy!!! Good dog! Fiskebackskil

We had a lovely walk around Fiskebackskil looking at all the fabulous houses, many with decks and great views towards the harbour. We climbed up to a windmill on a hill then headed back to Ace and set off towards Gothenburg. We arrived at the Lisebergs Camping Ground about 6pm and watched yet another "crap movie" before bed.

Today (25 May) we caught the tram into Gothenburg and strolled about. We visited the Art Museum but were disappointed as the photography display was pretty boring. The Town Museum (free with the same ticket!) was much better and there was an interesting display on the Vikings. (Sarah groans at the thought of museums, but loves them reallly!)

There was also a display about the Swedish East India Company. I kid you not! I'd heard of the famous Dutch East India Company but never heard of the Swedish version. Apparently they exported Abba CDs, saunas, meatballs and Dime bars to the Orient. The Chinese weren't interested in the Roxette CDs. JOOOKE!!!! No joke really...

Above: Sarah in Gothenburg
Below: Swedish Mini-Golf Champion on the winner's podium

We finished off this evening with a round of mini-golf. After the 13th hole Matt was cruising towards victory with a 7 shot lead over Sarah. Until the 14th hole that is... he had an absolute shocker on the 14th hole - 15 strokes! Sarah then lead by 3 and on the following holes putted impressively to clinch victory, even scoring a hole in one on the 16th. Complete fluke she says, ha! She holds the Swedish Mini-Golf Trophy!

By the way, Gothenburg is home to Scandanavia's biggest fun fair, Liseberg. We decided not to go partly cos Matt's neck is giving him grief (we bought some Tiger Balm today to soothe it!) partly cos we were knackered after walking round all day... mostly cos we didn't want to pay the admission fee! We're such tightwads!
Hopefully Matt's neck will recover in time for Paris Disneyland instead...


Big sis said...

Hi guys, I dont think i have seen sarah looking so happy in such a long time so good job matt, keep it up. The phot of sarah is gorgeous although the three pirates looked a bit dodgy!!! haha!! I think you may have been diddled matt, sarah has been midlands mini golf champion several times and is due to compete in regional finals on her return to the uk!!!!! Love you bigsis xxx

Big sis said...

By the way wasnt gothenburg where batman lived!!!!!!!

ray murray said...

Mini Golf has never been one of matts strong points , the only person he can beat is me love dad