Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Ferry to Norway

This post covers our journey to Newcastle and the ferry to Norway

Leaving Newcastle

We're finally off! Yesterday we left for Newcastle at 9.30am and headed north, stopping in Weatherby in Yorkshire for lunch. We got to the ferry port an hour early and organised our stuff in the motorhome. We were put in a line of traffic with other motorhomes and caravans and then at there for a while wondering if we would fit under the 3.2 metre height barrier!

Our Ace Modena motorhome in the ferry queue

Once aboard the ferry we headed off to our cabin, it has 2 sets of bunk beds and a shower room and toilet. We then headed straight for the buffet for dinner. Sarah wasn't feeling too well last night and hasn't been feeling great since! We went back to our cabin and started to watch a movie on the laptop but after a while I realised I was the only one watching it as someone had fallen asleep...

Sarah in Stavenger

At breakfast this morning the boat was rocking quite a bit and Sarah was feeling sick again... we managed to get through about 4 plates of pineapple, watermelon and oranges before heading back to our cabin to watch another movie.

Matt in Stavenger getting sunburnt?

It's 4.25pm Norwegian time and we're just leaving the port of Stavanger, the first place the ferry docks. The captain said it was 6 degrees here so I wore 2 jumpers to go up on deck... only to go outside and be really hot. I think I may have even caught the sun....


Dan_Slee said...

Big up the Norway massive.

Another helpful phrase is "Norvegge dritter" which compares Norway to a steaming pile of maure.

It'll guarantee that you win friends and influence people.

Amazingly, I learnmed that in Newcastle where you've just been. From a Norwegian drunk on what was for him amazingly cheap beer.

England coasting in the First Test at Lords, Matt. This news will relieve Sarah no end, no doubt.

Enjoy the trip!

dwozz said...

Great photos matt/sarah.
Especially like the "Titanic" pose of you on the bow Matt-classic.
Hope you are both well.
Hope you are refering to the "guide book" (wink)we gave you - so you can watch out for wet grass!LOL.

See you both in Octoberish
PS Keep the photos coming, we all love um!

Big sis said...

Hi you two! Lokks kike you are having fun!! Miss you lots of course have noone to cook my tea!! :( Love the site and cant wait til the next installment. Stay safe, love you lots Big Sis xxxxxxxx

Luki said...

Hi Matt & Sarah

Loving the site! Nice to see the pictures and your essays! Hope sarah feels better now!
take care