Wednesday, 23 May 2007


This post covers our journey through the world's longest tunnel to Laerdal.

After the Flåmsbana Railway excursion we drove through the world's longest tunnel - 24.5km (just over 15 miles). It was completed in 2000 and is a single lane each way. Most of the time it was only about 4 or 5 metres high but twice we came to huge chambers cut out of the mountain 15 metres high and wide enough for emergency stopping areas on either side of the road. These chambers were quite eerie as they were bathed in blue light.

Above: Laerdal
Below: Me trying to look cool but failing

At the end of the tunnel we headed a few kms north to the fjord-side town of Laerdal where we stayed for 2 nights on a lovely campsite with great facilities. The first evening we had a panic attack as the hob / oven wouldn't work. For an hour we got stressed and wondered what was happening, the electric and gas connections were checked over and over again. Eventually we realised the glass lid that covers the hob wasn't quite lifted all the way up... doh! Unless it's all the way up nothing works!

The next day (20 May) we went for a bike ride along the fjord where I took lots of photos. We also went for a walk in the village of Laerdal where there are dozens of pretty wooden houses. That night we watched another "crap movie" and got stuck into a bottle of rose, celebrating the fact our dinner was much quicker to make tonight - with the glass lid up all the way this time!

Above: Sarah riding along the fjord
Below: Wooden houses / barns in and around Laerdal

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Big sis said...

HI guys this is mom posing as big sis, still have no internet access hopefully will next week. Its great to hear from you and see you. Congrats matt on some fab photos and witty comments (big sis wrote that bit)!!! It looks like you are having a great time! Missing you loads always thinking about how and whwere you are so updates are great, You both look well and happy which is good to see. Take care and we love you loads, Mom and bigsis xxxxxxxxxxxxx