Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Over the Hemsedal Pass to Oslo and on to Sweden

This post covers our journey from Laerdal over the Hemsedal pass to Oslo and on to Sweden.

We left Laerdal on a beautiful sunny day passing lots of farms with sheep, goats and even llamas! Most buildings in Norway seem to be built from wood and the majority of them are painted red. As we headed up towards the skiing resort of Hemsedal there were lots of waterfalls and raging rivers along the way. In places this road was quite steep and there were 2 hairpin bends we had to manouevre around slowly! Once at the top we stopped several times to take some photos of the snow peaked mountains.

Above: Ace on the Hemsedal Pass
Below: Outside Oslo on the rundown camping site beside the lake

We then headed down towards Oslo. We found a campsite but didn't like the look of it so found another which didn't look much better! We were debating what to do when the owner turned up, she told us to go look round and if we liked it we could pay her 150 Kroner later. We chose a pitch right near the lake which was great. The facilities were much like the Bergen Bobil Senter so we used our own onboard toilet and shower!

The owner came to collect her money and when she saw the kangaroo sign in our window she told us she spent a few years in Newcastle, New South Wales when she was younger. She was a widower and now her husband had died she struggled to run the campsite and was going to close it as her children weren't really interested in taking it over.

The next day (May 22) we headed into Oslo, parking at the ferry port about a kilometre outside the city centre. We had a nice walk around in the sun and saw the changing of the guard at the palace. A crowd of people were waiting at the University to see the King but we had to head back to the car park.

Above: Sarah lakeside in Norway
Below: Matt lakeside in Norway

That afternoon we drove down across to border to Sweden to the Dafto camping ground just outside of Stromstad. Following the GPS we had initally turned up on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. It does that sometimes, it also takes you off motorways then straight back on!
At Dafto camping ground Sarah almost had a fit when they announced it would cost 355 Krona to spend a night here (we had to purchase a Scandanavian Camping Card for 125 Krona!) and was a bit of a moody Trudy for a while...

Once we had toured the facilities (sauna, sun beds, pool, large washing up area, nice clean showers and toilets) she came around a bit. Last night we went and had a sauna in the facilities block. Very relaxing! Best of all there is free internet access here - much to Sarah's dismay as she says she loses me for ten hours! Jooooke! No joke really...

By the way, on all the photos you should be able to click on them for bigger versions. Also, if you leave a comment on one of the posts it won't appear until we next get a chance to log on and approve it. Thanks for reading! :o)


noodlebonce said...

Hi guys!!

Glad to see you're having a great time....I'm so jealous! lol. well i could probably give the motor home thing a miss but the travelling would be good!

take care and have fun, i've added you to my faves so i can keep up to date with u.



doodledebs said...

Hi, it's Wednesday 13 June,

Just caught up on your Trip(je) I'd love to be a fly on the wall, what with Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, (now we're talking!! Een Bier Tag!!) & then German and Dutch, and all in a short time!!

We hope you have lots more fun, sorry again that we missed you!
Big Sis, Batman was born in Gotham City (wasn't he?)

Lots of Love Drive careful,
Debs & Otto xx

Looking froward to the next installment!! x