Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Rainy, windswept Brittany

This post covers our first few days in Brittany.

From Mont Saint Michel we drove along the coast to a town famous for its oysters, Cancale. We had a look along the waterfront with its brightly coloured seafood restaurants and then headed off out of town, stopping at a supermarket, Super U, for supplies. To our surprise, about 20 motorhomes were parked up in the carpark. This Super U offered motorhomes a place to stay for the night for free! There was a motorhome service station (borne de service) there and even a laundry.

We headed on to St Malo but with the driving rain and lack of suitable parking we headed on to a town inland, Dinan. The rain wasn’t quite as bad here and we walked around the medieval streets for an hour, stopping to buy 3 scoops of ice cream between us.

Photos above and left: Photo shoot on the beach

From here we headed up through farmland where I stopped Ace several times to take photos, much to Sarah’s displeasure. We drove along the coast to a town called Erquy where there was another Super U, however, this time there were no motorhomes in sight and the services didn’t work. I went and asked if we could stay the night and customer services and she said we could. However, we were a bit apprehensive about staying in a supermarket car park by ourselves overnight. I looked up my aire de service book and there was another spot in town by the beach, so off we went.
Above: Cow
Below: Hay

This aire de service was right on the beach and had about 40 motorhomes there already! Operated by the local town council, you had to pay €4 a night to stay at the pay and display machine. We headed down to the beach and took some photos but had to stop when Sarah’s lips turned blue! It was rather chilly after all. I was wearing a brand new fleece jumper I’d bought for €11 earlier in the day at Decathalon. We had gone there as Sarah needed to buy yet another pair of new shoes as both her pairs of trainers had holes in and her feet were getting wet.

We had lasagne left-overs for dinner washed down with our bottle of cider. All of the bottles of cider have champagne-style corks! We rang my Mum and Dad from a nearby phone box before bed. During the night, I was awoken by a hysterical Sarah shouting “Goats, there’s goats all around the van, goats!”. It took me several seconds to remember where we were, I realised the likelihood of goats surrounding us on a car park was very slim. Goodness knows what she was dreaming about. She has a habit of talking about creatures in her sleep.

Sunday morning we awoke to blue skies and sunshine, though it wasn’t to last too long. We walked into town where a beach-side car boot sale was going on. After perusing the junk on display, we headed back just as grey clouds were looming overhead. The heavens opened once more as we ate hot dogs for lunch.
Above: Pour weekends et vacances
Below:Aire de service, Paimpol

We headed along the coast further to the town of Paimpol where we found another aire de service, split in 2 sections. One part was a large car park, the other was a muddy woodland area. We needed fresh water so we popped our card into the borne de service and hey presto, for €3 we had 10 minutes of fresh water and 55 minutes of electricity. This came in handy as the laptop was running out of juice! As we sat there waiting for our 55 minutes to run out, motorhomes kept coming into the aire and we grew fearful that we would not have a place for the night. In the end, we managed to secure a spot in the muddy, woodland area. We weren’t particularly chuffed about this spot, but you get what you pay for, and this aire de service was free to stop at! Ace wasn’t particularly level, even when we called our plastic level ups into play. (These are wedge shaped yellow plastic blocks you drive up to try and level up your van.)

After dinner we headed into town, it was surprisingly close (100 metres) and surprisingly pretty with lots of yachts and boats in the harbour. Sarah phoned her sisters and Dad as it was Fathers Day. Our spirits were lifted having been out for a walk, even the rain had stopped.
Above and below: Pink granite coast

Monday morning we drove up to the coast for a look, around this area is known as the pink granite coast. We then headed down through Brittany to the southern coast to a town called St Trinité sur Mer. At last the sun had come out and we sat outside soaking up some rays! We then had a huge walk around town and headed back to Ace with more cider in tow. I made dinner as Sarah headed off to the showers. She came back dripping wet, blood pouring down her legs and in tears. Cockroaches and beetles had attacked her in the shower causing her to cut her legs while shaving quickly. Poor lil chicken! When in doubt, she’ll be using Ace’s shower from now on…


dwozz said...

k1nnerHi Both
Sarah how's your legs (LOL) That was so funny! I think i have wet myself! Matt - could we have a piccie of Sarah's legs - perhaps showing her new footwear? ( Not pervy or anything - just think its soooo funny.
Anyways hurray up and get back - i've had enough of this game now!

Big sis said...

Oh lil chicken!!!! Nasty cockroaches and beetles hope you stamped on them all!!! Ema has practically moved in here with me she never seems to go home!! hahaha! Its no surprise then that she is here now and sends her love! For once i could actually say i knew what you were talking about as although im not well travelled i have seen the tapestry and been to Mon St Michel!!!! It was great to speak to you on sunday please call again soon ill try not to cry!! Ps let us know if you have received ems new e mail address. Love you both lots Big and lil sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx