Monday, 4 June 2007

Sunny days in Germany

This post covers 2 sunny days spent in Germany.

The next morning we left our campsite by the beach and drove towards Lubeck, a pretty town once headquarters for the Hanseatic League, a network of medieval traders. We wandered around the town and Sarah spent an age deciding which pair of flip flops to buy for 75 cents! Honestly, you would have thought she was buying a sheep station. After lunch we headed off on the motorway towards Bremen and decided to stay at a campsite just off the motorway in a town called Heidenauu.

We weren't expecting much as it was a cheap campsite (€14 a night) but as it turns out it was our favourite so far! We parked Ace on a pitch near a lake (there were more ducks but I'll skip the details) and explored the campsite. We did 3 loads of washing which was a bit frustrating, the machine wasn't very easy to use and I had to look up washing terms in my German dictionary. We now know what pumpen / schleurden means!

The next day we spent by the pool and riding our bikes around the village. The houses, barn and farms were beautiful and we bought some strawberries from a local farm. The girl on reception told us that 300 people permanently lived on site and many more had holiday homes. Some houses looked fantastic with gardens and patio areas. Sarah wanted to buy a pitch and live there permanently! We had dinner that night in the restaurant (schnitzels all round!) and then a German man who'd had a few beers insisted on chatting to me even though I had no idea what he was saying. I caught the odd word such as auto, kaput, Canterbury, Hamburg, and kinder... but that was about it! I tried to explain I couldn't understand him, but just started nodding in the end much to Sarah's amusement who kept giggling after her glass of wine.

The next day we stocked up in the local cheap supermarket and then headed off on the motorway to the Netherlands. We stopped twice - to refill our LPG gas cylinders for the first time (only €2.05!) and to find a post office to post my Spanish assignment for my uni course.

Above: Matt & Sarah in Heidenau

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Mircea said...

Hello ! Now that you know what 'schleurden' means :) ..pls tell me what it means. I haven't found any translation for that word in lots of online dictionaries. Thanks!