Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Venice and the Adriatic

This post covers our time in Venice and further down the coast at a campsite on the Adriatic Sea.

On Thursday 13 September we left the Alpi de Suisi and drove for 4 hours to Fusina, 20 minutes away from Venice by boat. This is a pretty grim industrial area but the campsite we chose was right on the water. Occassionally a large container ship would sail by all the motorhomes lined up on the water, a very strange sight!

Left: Where are the canals? Venice from above
Below: I think the one on the left is looking at me...

We only realised the campsite was used by Contiki Tours (tours marketed to young Aussies and Kiwis touring Europe) when the bar started up around 7pm with John Farnham’s “You’re the voice”. We went up to the bar around 10pm for a look. Aussies must’ve been their primary clientele as the bar sold Bundaberg Rum! There had been some entertainment that night featuring 3 donkeys. The baby donkey had just escaped from his pen and was rounded up by some Italian guy. He was very stubborn and didn’t want to go back in! Sarah and I stroked his lil face and he was surprisingly soft! We headed back to Ace to go to sleep, the music and drunken shouting continued until about 1am. Sarah had gone zonko pretty quickly but I had to shove my ipod earphones halfway up my ear canal to drown out the noise! (don’t worry, they are headphones that are actually mean to go right inside your ear!)

The next day we got up and caught the 8am boat to Venice. Our first destination was St Mark’s Square where a small queue of people were lining up outside the cathedral. Other people were buying pigeon feed and were letting these filth-ridden birds climb all over them to eat it off! Honestly, you may as well cover yourself in maple syrup and go down to the sewers and let the rats lick it off… (We have since read on the BBC news website the Mayor of Venice is trying to ban the sale of pigeon feed!)

Left: Fruit and veg market, Venice

I climbed the bell tower for a better view over the city and then we walked around aimlessly for the next 3 hours admiring the canals, food markets and tourist shops. At times we had no idea where we were going, but that was half the fun! We got the 12.30pm boat back to the campsite and drove off around 2pm.

We spent the night at a large, mostly empty campsite a few hundred metres from the sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea. Thankfully these resorts are very quiet in September so we stayed here for the bargain price of €12 / night. That's all there is for this posting! There were going to be more photos but the internet connection is a bit dodgy and won't let me add anymore at the moment!

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